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North Sky, Inc. provides advertising to a network of over one million Web sites, representing a broad spectrum of Internet users. We provide a positive environment for advertising by encouraging our users to support advertising. Advertisements are inserted on-the-fly by the Web server, always at the top of each page. Please contact us for up-to-the-minute demographic information.

North Sky provides advertisers with daily reports on campaign progress, including the number of impressions, click-throughs, and the success ratio of each creative. North Sky is also capable of displaying banners through Flycast, DoubleClick, or any third-party banner-serving network. If you prefer working through one of these organizations, North Sky is happy to accommodate you.

North Sky offers a number of effective advertising products and can accommodate most IAB banner sizes and formats--including most rich media formats. Rates vary depending on availability, length of contract, and targeting. North Sky offers a 15% agency commission to qualifying agencies.

Full Reach Advertising
Run-of-Network banners rotate through all of North Sky's network sites. Please contact us for a current rate card. Discounts are given for volume and long-term contracts. For up-to-the-minute availability or programming questions, e-mail adsales@NorthSky.com.

North Sky offers premium 120x90, 120x60, and 88x31 sponsorship buttons on all of its main content pages, including the main pages of each of the 22 community areas, the member tools areas, and the Help Desk. This provides the greatest exposure to North Sky visitors and members for a fixed monthly fee. If you are interested, please e-mail adsales@NorthSky.com.

Targeted Advertising by Category
Banners may be targeted by category. When users join North Sky, they select the categories related to the content of their Web site. We allow targeted advertising to 22 content categories and to an additional "Webmasters Only" category. North Sky also offers exclusive sponsorship options for both categories and subcategories when signing a contract of not less than one year. For questions, or to place an insertion order, e-mail adsales@NorthSky.com.

Targeted Advertising by Geographic Region
Interested in targeting viewers from a specific country or a particular state within the United States? North Sky offers targeting to sites located within or catering to a specific geographic location. E-mail us for details at adsales@NorthSky.com .

Other Specific Targeting
Currently under development is a marketplace containing over 2 million products from many of the biggest name product vendors. When users search under a particular product "keyword," your banner can be returned with the results. Or target your message based on SIC code, time of day, or other valuable marketing features. If you are interested in this program, please inquire at adsales@NorthSky.com.

Product Spotlight
North Sky users range from beginning to advanced. But all have one thing in common--they are interested in maintaining and operating a Web site. Frequently we direct our users to Web sites and products that will help them be more successful Webmasters. As a sponsor, your product or Web site can be among those recommended. If you are interested in sponsoring a specific page or area of our Web site for a set monthly or yearly fee, please contact adsales@NorthSky.com.

North Sky can display 468x60 banners in GIF, animated GIF, HTML, Javascript, Java, or any rich-media format. North Sky can also accept 120x and 88x creative in most formats on its left and right column sponsorships.

North Sky requires all banners to be suitable for a general audience and to comply with our Acceptable Use Policy. North Sky does not allow adult-oriented banners, nor does it allow adult-oriented pages as part of its Web hosting service.

Please submit all advertising inquiries by e-mailing adsales@NorthSky.com or filling out the following form. A sales representative will contact you directly.

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