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What Can I Do With a Free Web Site?  

The sky's the limit! Freeservers users have created sites for almost every purpose under the sun. Click on the categories below to see a sampling of real Freeservers Web sites.

Castellitoscani Site
Created by Paolo
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As a member of the Italian Institute for Castles, Paolo, not surprisingly, made his site a treasure-trove of research on the Middle Age castles of Tuscany: his site includes more than 600 photos and maps, as well as information about other religious sites and Medieval bridges. Paolo's site also allows visitors to discover information about efforts to preserve the castles. Paolo chose Freeservers after comparing it to other free hosting services on the Web. He used Freeservers because of the "easy FTP access, the great tools and statistics, the very good bandwidth, and the good balance between free and professional services." Paolo also has three other Freeservers Web sites.