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What Can I Do With a Free Web Site?  

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HMS Hood Site
Created by Frank
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Frank's long-time interest in naval history, especially in the British naval vessels of the two World Wars, led to his particular interest in the most famous and most misrepresented of British naval vessels: the battle cruiser HMS Hood. He therefore decided to create what he calls "the preeminent online resource for HMS Hood." He must have succeeded because his site was ultimately adopted by the remaining crew members of HMS Hood and is now their official site. Frank ultimately plans on including feature segments in his site and mini-quizzes with feedback to test visitors.

"Freeservers offers plenty of Web space, excellent tools, and good pricing. It's as simple as that. I like the site statistics the best; they're very useful in determining who is looking at what on my site and when. If new people follow the examples on Freeservers, they will easily be able to use Freeservers. It's very easy and fun!" ~Frank