What Can I Do?
What Can I Do With a Free Web Site?  

The sky's the limit! Freeservers users have created sites for almost every purpose under the sun. Click on the categories below to see a sampling of real Freeservers Web sites.

Moog Archive Site
Created by Roger
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When designing his site, Roger's priority was to organize and present his archives of pictures in an attractive, clean, easy-to-navigate format. Go to his site at http://moogarchives.com to see how his organization and menu bars fulfill his goal. Roger managed to present not only pictures of the Moog people and factories, but also articles, serial lists, pictures of hand-drawn schematics, pictures of oddities, including original movie clips, and the option for visitors to send postcards using Moog graphics.

Before creating his site, Roger visited other sites to see what worked and didn't work. On retrospect, Roger is glad he used Freeservers because of its "easy-to-use features, like the counter and guestbook, its nice selection of charts for tracking visits, and its good tech support."