What Can I Do?
What Can I Do With a Free Web Site?  

The sky's the limit! Freeservers users have created sites for almost every purpose under the sun. Click on the categories below to see a sampling of real Freeservers Web sites.

Barnwood Signs Web site
Created by Mitchell
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Now a freelance graphics artist and Web designer, Mitch began his career by designing and painting furniture and old wooden signs out of found objects and weathered wood. So when he wanted to transition into Web design, what better choice for his first Web page than an antique sign site?

Mitch designed his site to have a simple introductory navigation scheme and an antiquated look so that people can get a feel for his product. The antique sign Web site has provided a good start for Mitch, who now builds more-advanced Web sites, but still "looks back at this old site as a reference for how to create something simple, yet functional."

"Freeservers has provided me with very reliable service and almost no down-time due to server problems, etc. They are consistently there: they are the ONLY hosting site I have used so far that promptly replies to e-mail and help requests. I like their basics, including a reliable and easy-to-install site counter, the useful traffic info they provide, and the easy means for changing e-mail and passwords. Also, I prefer to build my sites by hand using HTML and then FTP them up. So, Freeservers makes that a very easy process. I love their cool psuedo-domain name choices . . . a fun enhancement! Thanks, Freeservers, for being a part of my success!" ~Mitchell