About Freeservers
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Who We Are:
Freeservers began in June 1998, with a goal to empower and to help users create useful and effective Web sites as quickly and easily as possible. After much testing and feedback from members during our beta period, we officially launched our network in May 1999. Freeservers was the first Web community to offer free subdomain and domain name hosting to the public, and continues to be a leader in the quantity and quality of free services

Where We Came From:
Freeservers was the brainchild of North Sky, Inc., an Internet services company specializing in high-end Web hosting and commerce solutions. North Sky has provided custom business solutions for such companies as 3COM, Novell, Silicon Graphics, and Platinum Technologies, and has been in operation since May 1, 1995.

Where We Are Headed:
Today with over 1.2 million members, Freeservers aims to capitalize on the growing market for do-it-yourself Webmasters. With each additional tool and service we offer, Freeservers becomes increasingly attractive as an alternative to high-priced Web hosting and Web development for individuals, small businesses, and interest groups. Freeservers also continues to win over a loyal user base of customers from many other Web page communities by providing quality support and technical assistance to those who need it.