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Is Free Web Page Hosting Right for Me?

If you're thinking about creating a new web page, you may be asking yourself what type of web hosting service will work best for your website. You've got plenty of options, including free webspace and a variety of levels of paid services. As you make your choice, here are some of the advantages of free web hosting and what types of websites it suits best.

The Advantages of Free Web Page Hosting

One of the very best things about free hosting is the simplest: it's free! Being able to build a website without worrying about the cost of webspace is a great opportunity for a novice webmaster to learn about building a website and create a personal or hobby website to share with the world. Even experienced webmasters can take advantage of free web services to brush up on their HTML skills, create experimental websites, or create sites that reflect their personal interests.
With Freeservers, creating a free website is so easy that you can have yours up and running in minutes. We provide a wide range of website features even with our free web packages, and you won't be paying for any extra features that you don't need for your beginning or personal website.

For What Types of Websites Is Free Web Hosting Best?

There are a variety of websites for which free web services are an excellent choice. Just a few of these website types follow.

Personal Websites

With a personal website, you can have your own online presence that allows you to share information, your thoughts and opinions, and more with your family and friends as well as the whole world. This type of website generally does not require a lot of webspace, bandwidth, or advanced features, so free web services are a great fit.

Beginning Business Websites

Perhaps your small business is ready to create a web presence but isn't ready for the financial investment that establishing a large website can require. Free hosting can be the answer, allowing your business to appear online for free. When your business website grows and its requirements increase, you can upgrade from your free package to a paid plan at any time with Freeservers.

Websites for Small Organizations

Small or non-profit organizations such as churches, clubs, unions, and volunteer organizations can benefit a great deal from having a website. An online presence allows these types of organizations to get the word out about their work and communicate information to their members or volunteers easily. The funds for investing in the creation and maintenance of a website are not always readily available in these types of organizations, however, so free webspace can offer the perfect solution.

What Types of Websites Should Consider Paid Web Services Instead?

There are, of course, limitations to free hosting. Large websites or sites that see a great deal of visitor traffic may find that free web hosting does not offer the amount of webspace, bandwidth, or advanced features that they need. For these types of websites, paying for additional web services is likely a better solution. Another limitation of a free service is that it is supported by advertisements; a free website will display ads. For corporate and e-commerce websites, banner and pop-up advertisements can give a negative impression to customers. Paid web hosting allows businesses to create sites that do not show advertisements for other companies, so it may be a better option for business websites.

How Do I Decide which Hosting Type Is Right for Me?

Which type of hosting is best for your website depends largely upon your website requirements. How much bandwidth, disk space, and functionality do you require to make your website achieve your goals for it? If you're creating a personal, beginning, or low-traffic website, a free web package is likely an excellent match for your needs. If you are creating a large business website, paid web hosting may be a better fit for your website's increased requirements. No matter whether you choose free or paid web hosting, Freeservers offers a wide variety of packages, one of which is sure to provide the perfect solution for your website.

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