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Detailed Site Statistics
Our Premium Packages offer the best web site statistics available! These stats track your web site 24 hours a day, and because the reports are web based, you can access them from any computer.
Site stats are available for Premium Packages ONLY. The reports are divided into sections, however the number of reports you'll get and length of reporting time is based on the level of package you are subscribing to. Click here to compare stats available for each of our Premium Packages.
Reports Available:
Traffic Reports - See your site's traffic patterns over time. You can view reports on:
- hits and page views
- unique visitors
- popular pages
- current visitors
- raw logs
Free Site traffic
Marketing Reports - Learn how visitors found your site, how long they stayed, and how often they returned. Reports include:
- referring sites
- search engines
- keywords
- time on site
- return frequency
Free Website tracker
Path Reports - Monitor where visitors entered your site, which paths they took and where they exited:
- top paths
- top entry pages
- top exit pages
- page analysis
Free webstats
Visitor Profile Reports - Learn extensive information about your site's visitors. Your visitors would be surprised at what is revealed in these reports:
- last 100 visitors
- latest visitor detail
- window size & browser
- monitor resolution & colors
- operating system
- languages & countries
- java script & cookies
- time zone
Site Statistics
Click here to compare stats available for each of our Premium Packages.

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