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Message Board Hosting with Corkboard

Free Message-BoardWant to keep people coming back to your website? Giving your visitors an easy way to interact with the site and with other people is a great way to do it. A message board on your site allows visitors to generate their own content. The opportunity to post messages and share opinions with other people can help each of your visitors personally engage with your website and create a sense of community with other users. You'll get free message board hosting as a part of Freeservers' web hosting packages. Our Corkboard feature is an easy way to foster communication and build community on your website.

In addition to being useful for visitors to your site, your Corkboard is also a way for you to post a quick message, such as an announcement, new event, or activity, at any time. The message categories are fully customizable, allowing you to organize posts into your own categories and make navigating through them simpler.

It's easy to customize the categories, editorial access, and layout of your Corkboard. Advanced users can go even further by integrating the Corkboard into the layout across their websites.

Corkboard Features

Here are just a few of the great features that the Corkboard offers.
  • Categories. Choose and organize your own categories.
  • Control: You manage the posts; edit or delete any of them whenever you wish.
  • Date Stamps: Each post gets a date stamp so that past events automatically drop from the list.
  • User Input: When posting, a user can add a headline, body text, and duration for the message.
  • Appearance: Customize the layout colors and fonts of your Corkboard to match your website's layout.
  • News: Add relevant news items to your message board.
  • Events: Post events to share with visitors, easily including event times, dates, locations, and any other relevant information.
  • Announcements: Share announcements with the community and allow members to share theirs as well.
  • Controlled Access: Create an editor user name and password that can give access to other users, allowing them to add or edit posts.
  • Customization: Need additional features? Corkboard allows you to customize your message board to the specific needs of your website.

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