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Want to know who's visiting your site? Adding a website guestbook is a great way to find out. Just like the books guests are often asked to sign at weddings or other events, a guestbook on your website allows you to see who's been there and learn a bit about these visitors.

Benefits of Guestbooks

A guestbook gives your visitors an opportunity to share their comments with you and the community. You'll find out what your visitors are interested in, see what they think about your site, and potentially get ideas for improving your website. Feedback left for you can even make you aware of problems or errors on your website. Interacting with your visitors through a guestbook can help you establish a strong rapport with them.
Including a request for your visitors to input where they're from when they sign your book is a great way to display the diversity of your visitors and get interesting information about them.

If you're interested in meeting other people who share your interests online, getting the information to contact your visitors through your guestbook can be a great way to connect with these people. Guestbooks can also allow visitors to communicate with each other and build a sense of community on websites. Visitors who feel like a part of a community on your website are more likely to keep coming back. When visitors leave information or comments in your guestbook, what they write will be visible to you as well as to the other visitors to your site. A guestbook can function as a discussion forum, too. Is your site centered on your family and friends? You can use your guestbook as a way to give them an opportunity to meet each other and share their latest news to keep everyone in touch and updated. Are you using your site to promote your business? Let your customers communicate with you through your guestbook to get feedback and learn how you can better serve your clientele.

Gathering information about your visitors from a guestbook can also give you a mailing list for additional contact opportunities. Keep in touch with your visitors even after they leave your website.

Adding and Customizing Your Guestbook

Freeservers' guestbook utility makes it quick for you to add a guestbook anywhere on your site. You are free to decide which fields to include in your guestbook and whether visitors should answer questions, leave information about themselves, or share comments.

Once you've determined how you'd like your guestbook to look and function, the Freeservers guestbook utility creates the necessary HTML code and inserts it automatically into your website.

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