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Whether you're starting a website for the first time or want to improve a site you've had for a while, there are a wide range of questions you might need answered along the way. Freeservers strives to bring you the web hosting information you need, no matter what your level of web experience may be.

You can check out the article below that answers your specific question, or start with the basics and go through the articles one by one to get a comprehensive "Web Hosting 101" education. This approach will take you from an introduction to the basics of websites through explanations of some of the more complex tools advanced users can exploit for their websites. Freeservers offers the features and hosting service that make creating your own web presence easy, and we also bring you the hosting information that will help you build and grow your website.

  1. The Basics

    1. What is a website?
    2. How do I create a website?
  2. Domain Names

    1. What is a domain name?
    2. What is a domain name registrar?
    3. How do I choose between domain name registrars?
  3. Web Hosting

    1. What is a web host?
    2. What is shared hosting?
    3. How do I choose a web hosting company?
  4. Making Your Website Better

    1. What are some web design tips?
    2. How do I add a web page to my site?
    3. Can you show me how to link to a website?
    4. How do I link to another web site?
    5. How do I get links to my website?
    6. Can you show me how to move a website?
    7. Why should I use website CSS?
  5. E-Commerce

    1. How do I add a website shopping cart?
    2. What is PayPal?
  6. Web Hosting Terms & Abbreviations

    1. What is blogging?
    2. What is DNS?
    3. What is SSL?
    4. What is FTP?
    5. What is PHP?
    6. What is MySQL?
    7. What is HTML?
    8. What is CSS?
    9. What is an RSS feed?

Information about Website Building and Web Hosting

Once you've explored the wealth of web hosting information in this section, you'll be ready to create or improve your own website! If you're just getting started, you'll find that creating your new website with Freeservers couldn't be simpler. Whichever web hosting package you choose, setting up your account is quick and easy. As you begin building your website, our award-winning Site Builder can help you create web pages in seconds, even if you have no previous web experience. Our wide selection of templates that are ready to use for a variety of page types mean that your web pages will not only be set up in no time but will also be attractive and user-friendly.

Once you've gotten your web pages up and running, explore the advanced web hosting features that Freeservers offers to develop your site further. Maybe you'll want to add a blog, a website counter, or a guestbook to your web pages. Whatever it is, you'll find that Freeservers offers the web hosting reliability, features, and information that you need to make your website into what you want it to be!

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